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The Conservative Party will rectify the consistent failures and corruption of the current two-party system. The Conservative Party will impose fiscal discipline, restrain the reach of the federal government as outlined in the Constitution and defend America’s traditional family values.


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How many times have you heard the stale argument “Let’s not go third-party. Instead let’s reform the current Republican Party”.   Those who make those statements are Republicans and typically hold some kind of position within that Party.  Why do they say that?  Because if a third-party gained significant membership it would pose a threat to those elected officials or party members.

So, how is reforming the current GOP working?  Not too well!  The political status quo has continued for many years and you are still rightfully fed up!

It’s time for New Jersey Conservatives to find an alternative and to have a true Conservative Party represent us.  Who are the Conservatives of NJ?  Anyone who believes in: fiscally responsible monetary policy; 2nd Amendment rights; 10th Amendment rights; enforcing existing immigration laws; promoting American Exceptionalism;  preserving history by promoting the traditional values upon which this country was founded; promoting family values; limited government that stays out of the way of businesses that create jobs; and promoting competition and market driven healthcare.  You may discover that you are a Conservative regardless of your party affiliation.  Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Constitution, Reform, Natural Law, etc. are welcome.   

Of course the Conservative Party is the next evolutionary step for the Tea Party because it combines fiscal restraint with traditional American values that are outlined in a clear Platform and managed by a strong leadership team that has a unified, long-term vision for America.

One may wonder if there are really Conservatives in NJ.  The answer is YES.  There are plenty of us!  The problem is that we are expected to accept that NJ is a Blue state and to roll over and vote for any RINO who is better than a Democrat alternative.  Because of that too many Conservatives don’t even bother to vote.  Either by voting for lesser of the evil RINO’s or by not voting, we don’t do anything to advance our Conservative values.  Instead we play nice in a sandbox or don’t play at all.

If you are reading this you are probably a NJ Conservative.  You will be pleased to know that true Conservatives are fed up and will no longer accept Progressive RINO’s and are uniting against the current status quo.  If you are a Conservative, stop being fed up and put your energy, passion and hope in doing something productive.  Become a member of the Conservative Party.  Unite with other NJ Conservatives to stand up for the values on which this great country was founded.

Welcome to the Conservative Party (New Jersey).  We look forward to working with you. 

Conservative Party (New Jersey)

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