The Conservative Party of the United States understands that true conservative representation can be provided only by the establishment of a new national party removed from the RNC or other parties.  Present affiliation within any political party that leads to a significant compromise of conservative values should be the impetus for citizens to search for a new organization and leadership.  The Conservative Party provides that venue.

Democrats support ever-widening social and economic federal mandates, increased taxation and hold anti-religious sentiments.  Republicans have created a vulgar, “compromised” conservatism with increased government, irresponsible spending and stagnant taxation reform (Read the “Five Key Reasons” why conservatives should bolt the RNC).

During the 1950’s and 1960’s conservatism found a home within the Republican Party.  Since then, however, Republicans have changed and many of its values and beliefs are no longer conservative.  Unfortunately, the conservative label has been attached to the present Republican Party.  Thus, the average citizen’s understanding is that a conservative is synonymous with Republican.  The term “Conservative” is not proprietary to the Republican Party.

The Conservative Party’s objectives are to: build and lead opposition to intrusive government agencies and policies at the federal, state and local level; promote initiatives and ideas that address issues via the private sector; support candidates that understand the primary purpose of government is to protect its citizens from foreign and domestic threats; create a civil and social order in which citizens can achieve their best without regard to social class, racial/ethnic origin or special interest groups.

Conservatives now find themselves in a diminutive status because they have not had true representation in the political process for the past 20 years. Democrats hold few, if any, conservative values while Republicans have, for political expediency, relinquished the very conservative values they publicly proclaim.  The message of conservatism has been denigrated by Republicans claiming the title “Conservative” merely to capture votes. When filtered through the liberal media their Conservative message is sublimated even more.

True Conservatism Clarified

Conservatives believe the local community is better designed to handle the problems of the citizen than the federal government. Conservatives stand firmly against the centralization of government (Obama healthcare), extension of economic functions by the government (takeover of car companies), a state education that enforces uniformity of character and opinion and the decay of traditional family life (gay marriage) and local associations.

True American Conservatism firmly embraces the power of the individual who values self-reliance, responsibility and liberty.  Those essential values are complimented by the virtues of common sense, a sense of justice, temperance and the courage to live by them.

Foreign policy should not be the imposition of American institutions around the world. American institutions are the product of a common history and people.  These concepts should not be thrust frivolously upon other nations. To do so trivializes the importance of the events surrounding the founding and historical experiences of this nation.  Conservatives believe in the obvious exceptionalism that the United States represents.

The consummate Conservative believes life is a contract with our American history, our present condition and our posterity.  Attachment to this belief system prescribes that we not consume to the detriment of our posterity.  We shun overconsumption and reckless use of natural resources. Conservatives, through Republican distortion, have been associated with gross materialism and consumerism.  True Conservatives believe that charity and compassion reign supreme over avarice and compulsion.

Conservatism is not like the socialistic government that promises an abundance of materialism for all.  Conservatism promises equal opportunity (not equal outcome ) so that society can be successful and allow all citizens to share in its wealth.  Historically, Conservatives have warned of a “creeping socialism” and in 2009 this is sadly coming to fruition as government continues to expand into all aspects of society.

It’s time to “Come Home America”